Steven and Brianna

This wedding was so special to me. Brianna (the bride) is my cousin! Her dad is the one I posted about many times. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 2017, he passed away in December.   Although he was not able to be there for her special day, I know he had the front row seat in heaven and he was smiling down on her. Brianna did several things to remember her dad. She wore his wedding ring around her neck the whole day. She also included pictures on her bouquet. <3

The wedding was actually the first time I had met Steven! He definitely completes Brianna! The two are perfect for each other. We had a hard time trying to get them to be serious! They had their wedding at the church they grew up at. It was a full house! They had a special time of prayer with family, as well as a special song sung by the bride and groom.

We were worried it was going to rain on the wedding. The rain held off until we were done taking the pictures. Their day was perfect and I couldn’t be happier for my cousin. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for these two. They are a special couple!

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