Best of Weddings 2018

I’m a little late, but I wanted to do this for so long! I’ve never done one of these sooo… here goes something new.

I am so excited to show you the best of weddings 2018! Every year I think to myself, these are my favorite wedding photos I’ve ever taken. I don’t know how we will  be able to “top” them next year… and every year, we are able to get stunning wedding photos that we love. But more importantly that our clients love.

This year we traveled for a good portion of our weddings! We reached all the way from California to Massachusetts! We limit ourselves to 12 weddings. Because I am still teaching full-time, I feel like this is as many as I can handle right now. I was so happy that we were able to spread them out this year. We literally had one per month. 🙂 It was perfect!

I have so many favorites, but had to narrow them down to just a few. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

First up we have this MODEL COUPLE. I mean can you even?! They got married at a beautiful historic location in Yuma, AZ. We found this gorgeous white church building right across the street where we shot these photos. I LOVE the way they turned out.

Next up we have this stunning couple. Meghan and Johnny were a dream to shoot as well. Look at all that green! This Arizona girl was loving it! They had their reception at a beautiful golf resort. I loved the colors Meghan chose for her wedding. (Besides the Mr and Mrs photos) The bridesmaids photos are my personal favorite! This wedding has a special place in my heart, this is my cousin Brianna and her husband Steven. The wedding took place in Jacksonville, Arkansas. My cousin lost her dad (my uncle) just a a month prior to her wedding. He fought a tough battle with pancreatic cancer and was gone in just 5 months. I’m so glad we have the hope of seeing him again one day in heaven. I loved the way Brianna incorporated him by wearing his wedding ring around her neck. <3 This wedding was definitely my most emotional wedding of the season. Wyatt and Rachel had such a cute backyard reception. I mean look at the details on this rustic set-up. They were so sweet and we wish them the best in their married life. This wedding took place in Holyoke, Massachusetts! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Bethany and DJ are the sweetest!  Bethany literally  researched all of our favorites and had all of them waiting in a room for us when we arrived. (including Starbucks gift cards!) Since Bethany worked as a barista, she had THE BEST coffee bar at her wedding. You know we are all about that 😉 Her bridal photos are still some of my favorite! This is Rachel and Jake. They are probably the most easygoing couple I have ever met. They are literally so sweet. (I know I keep using that word, but  they really are the sweetest! 🙂 They had a beautiful wedding in Santa Clara California. Her first look with her dad still gives me all the feels. Scroll down you will see what I mean! I guess you can have two special weddings in a year. Guys, my little brother got married! They were high school sweethearts! Breanna is such a gem. I am so glad I have her for a sister. You can’t tell, but in the photo below we were FREEZING! Which is crazy for Arizona. They were troopers though and even hiked to get to this spot! I love them both <3 Look at these two! It was such a neat experience to shoot their 10 year vow renewal! They were married before at the justice of the peace, but Jocyln wanted a real wedding. They had the most beautiful and meaningful day. We almost forgot it was over 100 degrees out 😉

My favorite photo has to be of Jocelyn holding a picture of her dad. (which she also walked down the aisle with!) He passed away and they had their vow renewal on his birthday. They also did a balloon release to celebrate her fathers birthday in heaven. Lastly we have Joy and Andrew. Their wedding only an hour from us! They met at a camp and fell in love.  You could definitely tell that they were made for each other! I do have to say, I’ve never had the sprinklers come on while taking bridal party photos! I am so glad that we were able to get out in time 🙂 That was definitely a first

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